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Conditions to have Revival

                                And preparations for revival

Vagn Rasmussen





There are many kinds of revival.

You get the kind of revival you pray for, you get what you have faith for.

Revivals can be local or nation-wide. Revivals can last short or long.

Revivals can be man organised or Holy Ghost revivals.

Martin Lutherís translation of Vatican bible to German language brought a revival of Gods Word and resulted in the Reformation.

Wesley caused a sanctification revival and the rise of the Methodist church.

Baptist church rediscovered water baptism.

Pentecostal movement rediscovered Baptism in Holy Ghost and the speaking in tongues and the gifts of the Spirit to the church

Apostolic church introduced more or less the ministries, the evangelist, the pastor, the teacher, the prophet, and the apostle.

Since then we saw churches emphasising exorcism, holy laughter, slain of the Spirit, Toronto blessing, Faith movement, Women in ministry, washing of feet, emphasise on worship etc.

All kinds of revivals have swept over the world for 2000 years.

What kind of revival comes up in the end time revival, the final harvest?

You reap as you sow! The kind of revival we sow (preach) we shall reap!

Decide what kind of revival you want!



God is willing to use any believing person in promoting revival.

God is willing to send revival to any church

God is always willing to send revival at any time.

Godís promises are always conditional.

When right conditions are fulfilled God will send revival, but very few will meet the conditions. Very few will pay the price.



Although there are a great variety in churches and their spiritual and physical state, here are 30 elements that must be present in a revival church, at least to some degree!


Coming up to the state of readiness for revival:


I. Relational integrity.

Church like a family.

The people have trust in the pastor.

II. Pastoral love of people.

Even down to the children.

In touch with their pains and problems.

III. A new pastor. (Or rather a new church Ė it is rare to have revival in old established churches!)

The pastor is not old, and is not a new comer. (Not newly born again)

The pastor has a true divine calling and a God given vision.

The pastor will bring something new into the church.


IV. Release of the past.

The pastor in the revival church will not follow the old and traditions in church.

Release of "control" on every level. (See lesson on CONTROL.)

V. Define outreach.

Pastor will define types of outreach.

Pastor has a simple, effective plan for outreach

Different types of outreach from church to church.

The church supports the pastor and accepts his vision.

The visionary pastors vision will be prominent.


VI. Equip the congregation.

Gifts of the Spirit (the revival church must be a charismatic church.)

Infilling of the Holy Spirit, change the heartbeat of the church.


VII. Spiritual practices.

Broken-hearted and repentance

The presence of the Spirit of prayer is of utmost importance, must be present at least in some few church members. Absence of Spirit of prayer Ė no revival!



Set up prayer schedules. Confessing of national sins. 2. Chronicles.7: 14. . Daniel 9:3-5 Luke 4: 18

Every church member being a soul winner.

Compassion for lost souls.

VIII. Quality sermons.

Fundamental back to basic.

Full gospel, not part of the word.


IX. Staff support. Essential.


X. A committed group.

Elder council and staff.


XI. Worship quality.

The way you can measure the spiritual state in the church is to listen to the worship.

New and old songs in common.

Style not to sophisticated.

Every new revival brings in new revival songs.


XII. The role of money.

Money is not crucial to have revival.

Money cannot compensate for the absence of the Holy Spirit.

Money cannot replace the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Leaders tamper and dishonesty in money matters are definitely hindrance to revival Spirit.

XIII. Unity essential.

No generation gab.

Unity in elder council.


XIV. Readiness to accept changes in the church.


XV. Reconciliation on every level.


Young and old generation in church,

Divorced couples reconciled with former mate,

Reconciliation with other churches, etc.




XV. Denominational strife and divisions must be erased. Only one church in Gods sight.


XVI. Faith in revival must be widespread in the church. Expectance for revival amongst members.


XVII. Compassion for sinners must be present.


XVIII. Willingness to pay the price, such as inviting many problems into the church in a revival situation. Much tolerance is needed.

Eliminate spiritual inferiority as well as spiritual pride.


XIX. Use of womenís potential and female ministries is advisable.



XX. Race problems eliminated. All ethnic groups welcomed in the church of revival.


XXI. Conducting of revival.

1.Protracted revival meetings 2-5 meetings

2.Altercall in every revival meeting.

3.Intercessors praying during meeting.

4.Anointed preachers.

5.Anointed worship.

6.Follow up work is a must.


XXII. Personal devotion to revival, (personal spiritual exercises)

Fasting and praying is a must, at least some of the church members.

Readiness for persecution. Those who lost the anointing will persecute those who have the anointing. The "previous revival" will persecute and resist the ongoing revival!


Revival begins in ME - what can I do to be a tool in Godís hand for the coming revival?


1.Prayer. Spirit of prayer Ė Spiritual housecleaning, sins of omission and commission.

Prayer life must be changed.

Give prayer highest priority.

Confession, repentance, forsaking, sanctification.

Intercession, standing in the gab

Closing doorways, the occult etc.

More of the fruits of the Spirit Ė ask for it.

Full armour of God

Compassion for sinners

Worship in Spirit and truth.

The Lords prayer.

The 10 commandments.

2.Fasting lifestyle


3.Spiritual Warfare

Cover under the blood of Jesus.

Spiritual housecleaning of the occult. (see special lesson)

Fasting (the consecration fast)

Prayer - sometimes direct encounter and battle.

Worship in Spirit and in truth.

Remember you cannot produce or imitate "birth pain" Only the Holy Spirit can do so.

If you tense up, it will only be "of the flesh" and not of the Holy Spirit.

Unutterable groaning is fully of the Spirit, do not think you can control or command the Holy Spirit. Or you will grieve the Spirit away.

On the other hand, when the unction in prayer is so mightily upon you and you have a very strong feeling of compassion for lost souls do not loose it and do persevere. It is in such "holy moments" you can have the greatest victory and do the best work for God.

Praying and interceding under the unction of the "Spirit of Prayer" will make you incredible bold like a lion when it comes to pleading with God for the salvation of sinners.


4.Motives. You must have right motives in promoting revivals.

Ambitions. Lay down every personal ambition.

Let godfearing and loving The Father and the Son be your driving force.

Have Love and compassion for sinners.


5.Family life and marriage.

Priority: God first, secondly the family, thirdly your ministry for the Lord!


6.Economy. The art of exercising self-discipline.


7.Honesty -- Girdle of truth, honesty in everything, money matters, in speech, in deed, to your mate, children, brethren, employees


8.Godís word through:

Bible reading

Christian books and literature.



9.Obedience and fear of God.


10. Never take away the glory and honour from God, but rather humble yourselves before God.


XXIII. Hindrances to revival.

A prevailing sectarian spirit, will grieve the revival Spirit away.

Pastorís wrong motives, ambitious leaders not truly revived themselves.

Pastors transfer their prejudices to the church will grieve the Spirit away.

Absence of the Spirit of prayer, decline in prayer.

No follow up work, the converted sinners left on their own.

No wholehearted church as a whole. We cannot expect to succeed in promoting true revival any farther than we are truly revived ourselves.

Wrong preaching, wrong presentation of salvation.

Wrong performance of worship.

Wrong prayer, wrong conduct of prayermeetings

Wrong motives in leadership and individuals.


XXIV. Be filled with the Spirit. Ephesians 5:18



XXV. The Spirit of prayer. Zechariah 12:10 and Romans 8:26.


XXVI. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit like as the day of Pentecost is necessary to have lasting revival, outpouring of Holy Ghost and fire.

Jesus said: "You shall receive power, after the Holy Ghost is come upon you, and you shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem and in Judea and in Samaria and unto the uttermost part of the earth." Acts 1:8.

Absence of revival fire, which is the Holy Ghost fire, is absence of revival.


XXVII. Broken-hearted and the Spirit of prayer, both are necessary to revival. In promoting revival, leaders must be broken in heart and Spirit.

Psalm 51: 17. The sacrifices of God are a broken Spirit, a broken and a contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.



XXVIII. "Programs" can cause you to loose focus on revival Ė and the focus on Jesus.

Good organisers and strong leaders are especially tempted.

Good "organisers" and strong leaders are in opposition to the Holy Spirit, especially when it comes to revival.

Good organisers will not depend on Holy Spirit. A talented organiser tends to lean on his own abilities more than to lean on the Holy Spirit.

XXIX. Baptism in Holy Ghost and fire.  Luke 3:16;   Acts 2:2-4;  Hebrews 1:7      Matthew 3:11

In almost 2000 years we have preached only a half baptism in the Holy Ghost. We have left out the FIRE dimension, we have only emphacized the speaking in tongues. In all these years we have left the church powerless and far from God's plan with His Church. Jesus paid such a high price that the Church can go forth in abundant life and power to the fullness of Jesus' plan.

Revival without baptism in Holy Ghost and Fire is rarely taking place and what kind of revival will it be? - short termed and with very little of lasting results.

XXX.  Repentance.    2.Chron. 7:14

Revivals can be national, local or in individuals, but in either cases never without repentance.

Repentance always creates a change in the spiritual climate, sometimes even dramatic changes, because God always listen to the genuine repentance of His people, He will answer accordingly. Think of Daniels prayer of confessing sins of his own and also the sins of his people, causing the Archangel Gabriel to come to Daniel with a message from heaven. Daniel 9: 20-23.