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Soul winners ABC


Mark 16:15-20   Mission/ evangelization

Mathew 28:19-20  Mission commandment

Very few Christians have responded to the calling of the Lord.

The vast majority of Christians have never understood Gods plans for their lives.

They are spiritual babies all of their lifetime.

This grieves the Spirit away in many Christian’s lives – not to enter Gods plan – respond to Gods Calling – and receive a vision.

True ministers have a divine calling and a divine vision to establish their ministry.


How many of you have prayed unto salvation with one single sinner?

How many of you will enter heaven with empty hands?

How many have testified to the Lord, to unsaved people?

How many Christians are ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? And dare not confess Christ to unbelievers.

Heard a man pray in tears and in great pain in the hospital, given up of doctors and given less than 14 days to live, he prayed this most sad prayer: “ Lord if you will heal me, THEN I will go and preach your word where ever you send me.”

He died less than 14 days after. Why? Holy Spirit grieved away long ago. Faith grieved away long time ago!


William Booth founder of Salvation Army, prophesied in his late years:

In the last days there will be:                 Christianity without Holy Spirit,

                                                                 Salvation without repentance,

                                                                 Salvation without conversion,

                                                                 Heaven without Hell,

                                                                 Christianity without Jesus.





To be a soulwinner.......

To be a successfull soulwinner you must have compassion for the lost and unsaved.

Jesus wants to save every soul HE has created!


We can be a soulwinner in many ways.

 1.  You can intercede for salvation of unsaved people.

 2.  The encounter method  (personal soul winning)

 3.  You can invite people to a powerfull Holy Ghost meeting.

 4.  You can send a missionary to the missionfield with your money.

 5.  You can spread the gospel in song and music.

 6.  You can spread christian litteratur, tracts, books and invitation to meetings.

 7.  You can explain the way of salvation to children and pray unto salvation with them

 8.  You can partake in open air meetings and give the message of salvation here.


9. You can respond to Mt. 28. and Mark 16 : preach the Gospel to all nations, even your neighbours, working mates, relatives, the strangers among you.


The possibilities and circumstances are numerous.

Be equipped with the whole armour of God.

The whole armour of God is: Helmet of salvation, breastplate of justice, girdle of truth, shield of faith, twoedged sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God,feet shod with shoes of willingness to preach the gospel of peace, always praying in the Spirit for all saints. Ephesians 6:13-18




There are three things to tell the unsaved:

a)  Jesus loves all people.

b)  Jesus can forgive all sin - if repented and confessed.

c)  Jesus is comming soon.


Speak the word of God, especially THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.

Explain to him Gods love, but also His justice.

Trust the Holy Spirit to confirm what you are saying.

Testify in such a way that the unsaved sinner is under conviction of sin.

Learn how to lead a sinner in the sinners prayer, he is praying after you.

Let him repeat your prayer sentence by sentence.


Here is a suggestion:

Dear Lord Jesus – I come to you as I am – I repent of my sins – I confess I am a sinner

-         Jesus I ask forgiveness for all my sins – I ask  you save my soul – Give me your Holy Spirit to dwell in me –

-         I surrender my life to you – I thank you for  saving my soul – I thank you for eternal life – Amen.


Important words, keywords in the sinners prayer:

repenting of sins - confession of sins.

Asking Jesus for forgivnes of all past sinns.

Asking Jesus to save his soul.

Surrender ones life to Jesus Christ as Lord.

Thanking Jesus for the salvation and eternal life .

 Receive it by faith.










1)      Conviction of sin.

2)      Confession of sin

3)   Forsaking of sin – many will confess their sinns,  but will not FORSAKE and give it up 100%.

4)  Commitment 

All stages are important or the new converted sinner will backslide very soon.





Exhort the new born believer to:

1)  Give testimony in public of the salvation, or go to someone, telling you have now become a Christian.

2)  Exhort him/she to read in the bible each and every day. Make sure they have a bible. Word of God is the daily bread to our souls.

3)  Explain the importance of praying to Jesus every day. Prayer is to the soul what the breathing in of fresh air is to the body.

4)  To have fellowship with other Christians at least once a week, attending church services. Be a member of a church.

5)  Join a prayergroup/cellgroup in the middle of the week. 7 days between the sunday meetings is a very long time for a new believer.

6)Exhort to read good Christian litteratur, eventually give some good books or spiritfilled song cassets.




Most salvation messages are given without mentioning the baptism in water, and rarely is the baptism in the Holy Ghost mentioned.

Most tracts, if any, do NOT mention baptism in water and the baptism in Holy Ghost.

The Apostle Peter in adressing the unsaved crowd on the day of Pentecost says:

(Act 2:38)  And Peter said to them, Repent and be baptized, each of you on the name of Jesus Christ to remission of sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.






Key verses on salvation:


Acts 2:21 and it shall come to pass that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.


Acts 4:12 ... for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

(Jesus name in hebrew is Yeshua, which means salvation.)


Acts 16:31 .... believe in the Lord Jesus Christ , and you shall be saved, and your house.


Romans 10:9 ... That if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and shall believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.


Romans 10: 10 For with the heart man believe unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.


John 6:37 ... and he that comes to me I will in no wise cast out.


Romans 3:23  we have all sinned and come short of the Glory of God.


John 3:16 for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that they that believe in Him might have eternal life.







The importance of speaking the word of God, the Ten Commandments:





1)The love, joy and peace gospel?  Or  - preaching the law, the ten commandments, the best way to convince of sin, righteousness and judgement!

2) Give alter call only when sinners are convinced and do not PUSH to salvation, or you produce backsliders while your intention is to produce disciples.

80% of those who made commitment to Christ are backsliding because of to days wrong preaching.

The church is full of backsliders, because many of the backsliders left the church in short time, but still many simply stayed in church as secret backsliders.

3) The cross-bearing, self-denial, and holiness preaching must be accompanied by the preaching of the LAW of God – or your hearers will still lack the KNOWLEDGE of sin!

4) The purpose of God’s law (TORA) is fourfold:

                             1) To show the world it’s GUILT before God.

                             2) To give KNOWLEDGE of sin.

                             3) To show the DEPTH of our sin.

                             4) To be a SCHOOLMASTER to lead us to Christ.


5) Pushing for commitment? – Never do it!

Without the conviction of sin is present 80 – 90% will backslide within short time!


6) It is of uttermost importance: The law of God must be preached before every commitment.

That is the reason why so little fruits come out of modern evangelisation and preaching and testifying to Jesus.

7) Proverbs 11:30 He who is wise wins souls, or he who wins souls is wise!

Charles Finney the revivalist said: “It takes wisdom to win souls”!

8)Wrong alter calls, that promise a happy Christian life, when people make commitment after their FEELINGS; this kind of commitment will not last very long. Some people seeking salvation make their commitment because of FEAR of going to hell. This also is a commitment with the wrong motive. The only genuine and lasting commitment is motivated by being deeply convinced of sin under strong influence of the Holy Spirit!

Wrong alter calls will simply get people inoculated against Christianity! The backsliders will turn against salvation message even more hostile than before.

The 9 out of 10 conversions and commitments of to day are motivated by FEELINGS or FEAR and NOT because of being deeply convinced of sin!

9) The sinner must UNDERSTAND his sin, depravity, his doom, and his judgement. ONLY the preaching of the LAW of God can show this! The Holy Ghost will always confirm the law of God preached. Holy Ghost will not confirm mere human ideas or human laws preached. Only God’s law is a true measure of what sin really is!

10) Finney said: “I remark that the Law (of God) is the rule and the only just rule by which the guilt of sin can be measured.

11) Finney only had 20% backsliders. His preaching caused commitments that made the converts to send their roots deep down in the word of God and they did not backslide. Temptation, persecution and tribulation only made the new converts GROW.

Prosperity religion and “joy religion” conversions caused of false promises and wrong motives make such backsliders bitter on God and men.

12) See if the converts have fruits.

Those who have a “false” conversion will not have much fruit. They have not entered through the door, which is Jesus Christ.

13) God’s law is far stricter than the human laws and standards.

God’s laws are written in our hearts, both Jews and Gentiles know what is right or wrong. Even primitive tribes in the deepest Africa have God’s law written in their hearts, “You shall not kill”, “You shall not steal”.

14) If we are serious about reaching this world for God, we MUST return to biblical principles of evangelisation and preach and expose the LAW of GOD. Jesus came, not to remove the Law from the New Testament Church. He came to FULFILL the Law. The Ten Commandments are written with love letters in our born again hearts. Jesus gave His divine nature to live in our hearts. He who has not the Spirit of Christ does not belong to HIM. Jesus Christ lives out perfectly the Law THROUGH US and IN US.

15) The Law convicts of sin.

The Holy Spirit only confirms the preaching of the Ten Commandments, God’s law and God’s word.

Just preaching moral standards or human rules will not be confirmed of the Holy Spirit as to have such a deep conviction of sin, righteousness and judgement that the commitment to Christ will be lifelong and no backsliding at all!

16) The law produces UNDERSTANDING.

The unawake sinner will not seek God until he understands his true condition before his Creator. Rom.3: 11

God wants sinners to be taught that they might understand. Mt. 28:19-20…therefore TEACH all nations…

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for the lack of KNOWLEDGE…

17) The law exposes sin.

Mt. 5:27-28 whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has committed adultery.

Jesus reinforces the Law, Mt.5: 18 not one jot or tittle shall in no wise pass from the law till all be fulfilled…

18) The law prepares the sinner, prepares him for God’s grace.

Luke 19:2 Zaccheus paid 4 times back – He had read Exodus 22:1… a stolen sheep restored with 4 sheep…

19) The law is a SCHOOLMASTER.

The law will stop their mouth. After hearing the law nobody has any excuse whatsoever.

20) Wesley preached 90% law and 10% grace.

21) If we preach hell without preaching the law, sinners will repent and make commitment for FEAR and not because of being convinced of sin by preaching the law and eventually the fear-converts will backslide!

22) There is a lot of resistance to that kind of preaching, that is to say preaching the law and God’s full council.

Resistant people will tell you to read Paul’s letter to the legalistic Galatians. But the truth of the matter is, the Galatians would try to get saved through their own deeds, keeping the law and NOT get saved through convinced of sin, repentance, forgiveness of sin, by the cleansing blood of Jesus!

23) Melanchton said: “But there are many who speak only of the forgiveness of sin, but who say little or nothing of repentance. If there is no forgiveness of sin without repentance, so also repentance cannot be understood without repentance. Therefore, if forgiveness of sin is preached without repentance, it follows that people imagine they have already received forgiveness of sins, and thereby become cocksure and fearless, which is a greater sin and error than all the error that proceeded our time.”

Brethren we need to change our approach to sinners and bring heartfelt conviction by using the law.

The effect of preaching the law to sinners is highly increased by intercessory prayer, under mighty influence of the Spirit of prayer. Romans 8:26 the Spirit itself makes intercession for us with groaning that cannot be uttered.

Zecheriah12: 10 and I will pour upon the house of David…The Spirit of grace and of SUPPLICATIONS and they shall look upon Me, whom they have pierced and they shall mourn for Him….

How to receive a mighty portion of the SPIRIT OF SUPPLICATON? The answer is very simple, but also radical: “Full commitment, take up your cross, self-denial, clean and holy life, compassion for lost souls, change lifestyle to fasting and praying. Jesus fasted and prayed 40 days before He said: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has anointed Me to preach the Gospel to the poor. He has sent Me to heal the broken-hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering the sight of the blind and to set at liberty them that are bruised” Luke 4:18

Jesus Christ prepared His ministry through 40 days of fasting and praying. Can we do with anything less?

Without the SPIRIT OF PRAYER you can do very little for the Lord. With the Spirit of Prayer upon your life you can be a tool in the hand of the Lord for the salvation of thousands and thousands of souls otherwise lost forever and ever. The SPIRIT OF PRAYER is very rare to find among Christians.

24) No anointing – no results.

If you don’t agonize in prayer, you will agonize in preaching (It’s hard to preach without the anointing, if you didn’t pray in the spirit’s agonizing for lost souls.

Without the Spirit of prayer you will accomplish very little. Labouring in the Spirit of prayer you can accomplish the impossible.

25) Easy altar calls – never do it!

Reports from India tell of mass conversions, absolutely without any lasting effect. Investigations have shown that close to 100% were backsliding. There were no genuine conviction of sin, there were no follow up efforts at all.

26) Not good decisions, but good conversions.

A good decision is not sufficient and only become a “false” conversion, finally producing bitter backsliders.

A good conversion caused by deep conviction of sin will produce good fruitful Christian life.

27) Fired up - fearless preaching.

Wesley was a preacher of righteousness. He would exalt the holiness of God, the law of God, the justice of God, the wisdom of His requirements and the justice of His wrath!

Then he would turn to the sinners and tell them of their enormity of their crimes, their open rebellion, their treason, and their anarchy.

The power of God would descend so mightily, that it is reliably reported, on one occasion, when the people dispersed, there were 1800 people slain to the ground, under the Spirit, completely unconscious because they have had a revelation of the holiness of God, and in the light of that, they had seen the enormity of their sins!

Wesley preached the whole council of God and God blessed the word preached with signs following.


28) Baptized with Fire!

Everywhere I go I find Christians who are baptized in Holy Spirit but NOT IN THE FIRE!

Luke 3:16 …He (Jesus) shall baptize you with Holy Ghost and with Fire. 


Ten steps to conviction of sinners:

1.You shall not have other Gods before Me.

2.You shall not make for yourself any carved image.

3.You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.

4.Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.

5.Honour your father and mother.

6.You shall not murder.  (Mt.5: 21-23)

7.You shall not commit adultery.  (Mt.5: 28)

8.You shall not steal.

9.You shall not bear false witness against you neighbour.

10.You shall not covet.


Expose the law, the Ten Commandments to the sinners – and the backsliders in the church who are hiding behind their religious faces, and to the backsliders outside the church. There are a lot of lukewarm and backslidden peoples both inside and outside all denominations along side with nominal Christians, who are Christians only by name; therefore they are not confessing believers!


Only the Holy Ghost anointed preacher, evangelist, can preach this kind of message without backfiring!

To be useful and successful in this kind of ministry, it has to be accompanied with much prayer, sanctification, dedication, and full commitment and humbling before the Lord Jesus Christ.



Soul winners focus when testifying to awakened sinners:

Exalt God and His holiness

Preach the law of God, the Ten Commandments exposed.

The justice of God.

The wisdom of God’s requirements.

The justice of His wrath.


Turn to the sinners:

Tell them the enormity of their crimes,

Their rebellion.

Their treason.

Their anarchy


Show the love of Jesus Christ and point to the love of Jesus Christ and His power to forgive sins.

Add the Father image of God the Father, God IS love.


See if people are convicted of sin before giving alter call.

Only the sins repented of and confessed and forsaken, only these sins are forgiven!

An awakened sinner who will not forsake his sins, he grieves the Holy Spirit away and he is in great danger.





May God Almighty bless every SOULWINNER out there. Truly there is such enormous rewards waiting for you, however, let us not work for the reward alone, let us win souls to please our beloved Saviour Jesus Christ and respond to His call for us to become wise soul winners.



(Mat 28:18)  And coming up Jesus talked with them, saying, all authority in Heaven and on earth was given to Me.


(Mat 28:19)  Then having gone, disciple all nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,


(Mat 28:20)  teaching them to observe all things, whatever I commanded you. And, behold, I am with you all the days until the completion of the age. Amen.