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Matthew 28: Go ye therefore, and teach all nations....

Mark 16: 15 Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature..



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 Yeshua the Messiah - Jesus Christ                    [Word]

 The Ark of the Covenant - Discovery and Escavation                      [Word]

  Prepare to meet your God                                  [Word]                     [PDF]



Lesson on Faith                                                      [PDF]                              

Prayer of the Believer                                           [PDF]                                                                                                        

Spiritual housecleaning of occult curses               [PDF]

Conditions to have revival                                    [PDF]

Manifestations of the Holy Spirit

Gods spiritual laws and prosperity

Water baptism

Soulwinners ABC                                                    [PDF]

Fasting and Prayer Handbook                                [PDF]

Jesus is coming again very soon [Word]                [PDF]

Revelation of heaven                                              [PDF]

A divine revelation of hell - Reality of hell            [PDF]

Buddhistmonk confirms Christian Faith.



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